Owning a home involves a great deal of responsibilities and challenges. Over time, a home falls prey to age and ultimately requires all types of home repairs. Whether your roof needs repair, your windows need replacing, or even your concrete foundation needs upgrading or repair, the list of home repair projects that homeowners find themselves immersed in is endless.

Concrete is definitely one of the most durable substances known to man. A construction material used for everything from basement walls, garage floors, driveways and foundations, concrete is both customizable and somewhat inexpensive. Surely concrete repair is an inevitable element of owning a home. Over time, homeowners find the need to grind, resurface or replace concrete at their home, but before doing so, there are a few important factors you need to know.

Here, at Foundation Repairs & Home Improvement, your number one home remodeling Alabama Company, our experienced and highly skilled specialists are here to provide top of the line concrete repair services for all our valued clients and that includes insight and important information about concrete repairs. It is important for homeowners to understand that though concrete is a highly durable and reliable substance and will last for several years, over time, even the most perfectly installed surfaces will suffer from various types of wear and tear.

Concrete does not stretch or contract easily which means that cracks in concrete are inevitable and ultimately result in the need for repair. There are also a variety of other reasons that contribute to concrete repair including excessive exposure to weather conditions, especially moisture, soil erosion and other Geotechnical issues, subgrades that were poorly compacted, and even improper mixing during the initial construction phases. For all these reasons concrete repairs are quite common.

The professionals here at Foundation Repairs & Home Improvement recommend to all our clients that they conduct annual inspections of all the concrete surfaces in their homes and on their property. If you have minor concrete issues that exist, an inspection will spot them immediately and fixing the problem early on with minimize major and costly problems down the road.

If you find that you have minor concrete issues, we strongly suggest that you do not attempt to fix the problem yourself. Attempting a DIY fix of concrete problems more times than not results in more costly necessary repairs over time. Though it may seem simple to perform your own concrete solutions, it is important to recognize that concrete repairs involve a very strict and delicate process whether repairs are for cosmetic or structural reasons. If a homeowner is not completely sure about what they are doing, they can create additional problematic issues that will ultimately cost a great deal more money to repair and resolve.

If you are in need of concrete repair, then reach out to our award-winning home remodeling Alabama Company for all your repair needs. The professionals here at Foundation Repairs & Home Improvement will work right alongside you and determine if specific structural components, depending upon the condition and the age of your home, may still be covered under your original warranty. In addition, they can help homeowners determine whether or not the needed concrete repairs are covered by their homeowners insurance. Not only do we provide superior concrete repair services, but we are here to assist with insurance claims or warranty claims if need be. Whatever your concrete repair needs may be, rest assured the professionals here at Foundation Repairs & Home Improvement are the perfect team for you. Contact us to schedule your concrete inspection today. We look forward to serving you.