As a homeowner, have you ever wondered whether or not the extreme summer temperatures can cause damage or cracks in your home’s foundation? Well, quite frankly, the answer to that question is yes. Hot summer weather often does cause foundation damage and when this happens, you are then faced with challenges, struggles and decisions about what to do with your cracked foundation.

The experts here at Foundation Repairs & Home Improvement want to help our valued clients understand the facts and the issues affiliated with foundation damage. If you discover that your foundation has cracks this summer and choose to ignore the problem then you will pave the way for larger, more damaging cracks to appear that will allow water to seep in and cause all types of structural damage to your home. When this occurs, you will ultimately be faced with more serious foundation repairs that are not only more time consuming to repair but indeed much more costly as well.

Understanding Foundation Cracks and Damage

During the hot summer months the excessive heat tends to dry out sand and soil around your home, which, over time, causes it to actually shrink and then separate from the foundation. When this shrinkage occurs it causes movement of the foundation that turns small cracks into much bigger cracks, thereby creating bigger problems.

As time goes by, the cracks in the foundation weaken the concrete and cause either settling or sinking in the foundation. Eventually you will notice that your foundation is not level and may even appear to be sloping and surely realize it’s time to call in the professionals.

If your home happens to be built on clay soil, then you are definitely more susceptible to foundation damage and cracks in the summer months. Since clay naturally swells when it gets wet and, once it dries in the heat will shrink, the shrinking and swelling process causes pressure and ultimately pulls on the foundation causing it to sink, create cracks and even cause structural damage to the home.

What To Do

In order to beat the summer heat cracks in your foundation it is important to keep the sand and soil around your home and property wet. Make it a point to water down your foundation a few minutes each day during the hot summer months to avoid cracks in the foundation from occurring. However, if you find that the cracks are still appearing, then it’s time to incorporate the services of our foundation damage repair experts here at Foundation Repairs & Home Improvement.

Our technicians are highly skilled and trained in handling all types of foundation damage issues and will come out to your home to perform a free consultation, inspect the damage and provide you with an immediate estimate for work that must be performed. When contracting with our professionals you can be certain you will receive the best foundation repair solutions available in the market and at prices that are truly affordable.

Just An Added Note of Importance

Though the extreme summer heat is many times accountable for cracks in a home’s foundation, we want all our valued clients to be aware of the simple fact that heavy rains and wet weather as well as extremely cold weather can also contribute to the formation of cracks in your home’s foundation. Regardless of what the weather may be or what time of year it is, if you have cracks in your foundation and they appear to be expanding, or any other type of foundation damage, you need to schedule and inspection as soon as possible and have our expert teams provide an effective and efficient foundation repair solution.

For more information about our company, our teams, our services and our prices, browse through the rest of our website then give a shout out to one of our consultants and schedule your free consultation today!!