Heavy rain, as many of us know, can cause serious foundation damage to your home. Although a little bit of rain does not directly pose a threat of foundation damage, homes with insufficient drainage are most definitely susceptible to serious foundation problems and damage from heavy rain. When this happens, the folks at Foundation Repairs & Home Improvements are the team for you. Our top-rated Bessemer foundation damage services are both effective and affordable.

alabama foundation repairs home improvementWhether minor foundation damage like cracks, serious water leaks in your home’s structure, or severe sinking or settling of your home, our Bessemer foundation damage specialists can handle it all. When heavy rains occur, followed by dry weather, the soil around your foundation can begin to swell and often times results in the formation of a chasm into which your home’s foundation can sink.

Proudly serving the Birmingham, Huntsville, Decatur, Hoover, and Alabaster regions, the qualified experts here at Foundation Repairs & Home Improvements remain steadfast in providing products and services that are truly unmatched by our competitors.   Open weekdays, Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and on Saturdays from 8-4, our highly skilled and trained foundation damage specialists stand ready to serve you

If you notice cracks in or around your windows and doors, cracks in your concrete floors or drywalls, a leaning chimney, cracks in your brick stairs, or heaves in your foundation, then rest assured it’s time to call in our professionals.

At Foundation Repairs & Home Improvements we identify problems and provide effective and efficient solutions. If you suspect minor or major foundation problems, then take time out now to give a shout out to our friendly experts today. Our Bessemer foundation damage specialists will come on out to your home to conduct an inspection and analysis of your foundation to identify any problems. Once problems are identified, adequate solutions are implemented.

Foundation problems can certainly present homeowners with some serious concerns. For many homeowners, choosing a foundation repair specialist is not an easy task. However, when you choose to rely upon the friendly and professional teams at Foundation Repairs & Home Improvements, you don’t need to worry any longer. Contact us at (205) 426-2770 or stop in at our North 13th Street location and talk with our specialists directly. As always, we look forward to serving you and to providing you with our top-rated foundation and home repair services today and every day.

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