Your home’s structure is comprised of a number of various components, all of which play a significant role in the overall condition and health of your home. From the attic and basement, to your interior rooms and crawl space, the components are many. Here at Foundation Repairs & Home Improvements, our team of highly skilled and experienced specialists are committed to providing the most reliable and affordable services to all our valued clients.

We take pride in our dependable and very effective home repairs, services and upgrades we offer. If your home’s crawl space exhibits signs of rotting, mold growth, or any type of structural damage or problems, you can be sure that somewhere in the near future these very problems will have a direct impact on various components of your home, including its overall structure.

Here at Foundation Repairs & Home Improvements our certified professionals specialize in identifying and resolving all types of issues that are present within your home’s small space. We offer our high-quality services at prices that are affordable and in timelines that are accommodating to our clients’ needs. Further to our service options, we offer our Birmingham clients and those in the many surrounding towns, a no cost, no obligation estimate of any and all services that need to be provided. These services include, but are not limited to, vapor barrier installations, insulation and even crawl space encapsulation.

Indicators that Your Crawl Space Needs Repair

There are a number of common signs that homeowners can be on the lookout for when trying to determine whether or not your crawl space requires attention and/or repair. Some of the most common signs include:

  • Floors that are noticeably uneven
  • Multiple drywall cracks in the interior of your space
  • Unidentifiable and unpleasant odors in your home
  • The presence of allergy, asthma or respiratory issues with family members

If you have noticed any of these common signs, then don’t delay in reaching out to the friendly and professional specialists here at Foundation Repairs & Home Improvements to schedule a free in-home consultation and inspection. Our skilled team will make their way out to your home and perform a thorough inspection of your structure and crawl space. Once the issues are identified, they will provide you with a free estimate of the work that needs to be performed.

Our specialists are equipped and trained to provide all types of repairs from a simple vapor barrier installation and effective sealing to insulation and encapsulation, all of which play a significant role in solving the problem while minimizing costly repairs that could otherwise have been needed. The high-quality services we provide are a surefire way of creating a safer and healthier living space for your family, while reducing your utility bills and helping you to save money over time.

Understanding the Layout of Your Crawl Space and How to Properly Care for It

Here at Foundation Repairs & Home Improvements we are fully aware that most homeowners do not give much focus, let alone provide proper care of, the crawl space in their homes. Most of these spaces are often times difficult to access which is the number one reason why so many homeowners neglect them. It is important to recognize that proper care and maintenance is important to every aspect of your home’s structure.

We understand that many of these small spaces consist of heavily exposed duct work along with layers and layers of dirt and offer very little room for movement. Despite these obstructions and challenges, it is still critical that you give proper care to these very unfamiliar spaces so as to avoid costly repairs to your home’s structure down the road.

The ductwork for many of your appliances, including your washer, dryer, and HVAC system are vented to the outside via your crawl space. If this small but somewhat important space is poorly insulated or if ductwork that is constructed through it becomes exposed or damaged there is a high risk of energy loss in your home. In addition, when these conditions exist you are apt to experience fluctuations and inconsistencies in your home’s temperature control which can ultimately lead to increased moisture in the atmosphere and ultimately to mold infestation in your living space.

In this very secluded space in your home, you will find a variety of plumbing pipes that run along its ceiling. These plumbing pipes need routine care and maintenance. Temperature changes that occur from season to season can result in the formation of condensation on the pipes which, when coupled with moisture in the atmosphere leads to dangerous mildew and mold growth.

There are also many wires that produce power to your home that run through your crawl space. It is essential that you keep these wires strong and protected from mice and other rodents so as to ensure the safety and overall comfort of your home and family.

Our Trusted and Reliable Team

Here at Foundation Repairs & Home Improvements we understand the many challenges that go into owning a home. For that very reason, we are steadfast in our commitment to provide all the insight, products and services you need to keep your home safe, comfortable and secure all year round. Taking proper care of your crawl space contributes to that very safety and comfort.

Whether you are in need of a thorough inspection, insulation, a vapor barrier installation or a complete crawl space encapsulation, our team has got you covered. To learn more about our high-quality services, our superior customer satisfaction rating, or to schedule a free consultation, simply give a shout out to one of our team members today. At Foundation Repairs & Home Improvements our clients are our number one priority which is why we remain steadfast in always meeting the individual needs of every client. Don’t delay. Contact our friendly, highly reputable team today and let us help to ensure the health, comfort, safety and security of your home’s structure today!

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