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alabama foundation repairs home improvementIf you are like so many other homeowners in Birmingham and Bessemer who are concerned about the high level of moisture and humidity in the air and the consequences it could have on your home’s structure, state and safety, then surely you have come to the right place. Here at Foundation Repairs and Home Improvements, we have been recognized as one of the best companies for foundation repair Birmingham, AL has come to know. Our abundant positive customer reviews and feedback as well as our long list of satisfied customers are a true testament to this very recognition.

There is nothing quite as troubling when we hear that there is rain in the forecast and excessive humidity will be present, than knowing that your home is at risk for permanent structural damage as well as unsightly and unhealthy mold infestation or potential pest infestations as well.

Homeowners in Alabama are gravely familiar with the fact that year round humidity is here to stay. With that said, we all know how harmful consistent humidity can be on the structure and overall presence of your home. Excessive humidity is accountable for permanent structural damage to your home, as well as mold or pest infestation, rotting wood, and unsafe, unhealthy mildew odors.

Here at Foundation Repairs and Home Improvement, we have well over thirty years of experience and a thorough comprehension of humidity and the harmful effects it presents with. We are truly a top rated waterproofing company that affords our clients a wide range of professional solutions for moisture, humidity and related issues. We provide a full line up of products and services to combat this ever present problem here in Alabama.

One of our most popular solutions is that of vapor barrier installation; an installation performed within your home’s crawlspace that serves to capture moisture when it evaporates and, over time, returns it to the soil. With a variety of waterproofing strategies and solutions available in the industry today, the professionals here at Foundation Repairs and Home Improvements stand firmly behind our superior vapor barrier products and services.

When excessive moisture is allowed to develop in your home, you may witness damages over time to your home’s overall structure. It goes without saying that this is not beneficial to the safety, the presence or the value of your home. Any type of structural damage decreases the overall value of your home and will certainly have a negative impact should you ever want to sell your home. Protecting your home from all types of moisture, including the excessive humidity present in the Birmingham area all year round, is essential to the well-being of your home’s foundation and structure.

Investing in effective and very affordable solutions to your moisture or humidity issues, will prove to be healthy, safe, and even energy efficient for your home. Excessive moisture can cause serious mold spores to develop in your home, which ultimately can have a negative effect on your family’s health. In addition, abundant quantities of moisture are very appealing to many types of pests which can surely result in varied pest infestations in your home as well. Again, these types of infestations can be very dangerous and unhealthy to both your home’s structure and your family’s health.

As homeowners, we all take pride in the appearance and appeal of our homes. Excessive moisture tends to produce unsightly stains throughout a home and unpleasant mildew odors as well. Every homeowner wants to avoid these types of problems and maintain the overall condition, appearance, and value of their homes.

If you are experiencing a great deal of moisture or humidity in your home, then surely the time is now to invest in an effective, energy efficient waterproofing system by reaching out to the #1 company for foundation repairs Birmingham, AL has surely come to know. Contact our specialists for your free consultation and let us preserve the look, smell, comfort and value of your family’s home today and every day.