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Crawl Space Repair & Encapsulation in Alabama

Maybe you’ve had neighbors get their crawl space encapsulated, or maybe you’re looking for ways to upgrade your home to make sure it sells for top dollar. Learn what crawl space encapsulation is, why it’s important, and what you can expect from the process.

What Is Crawl Space Encapsulation?

Crawl space encapsulation is the process of sealing the area underneath your house with special plastic so that exterior elements (like moisture, bugs, and mold) can’t impact it. Encapsulation can transform a moldy, dirty crawl space into a dry, clean place where mold can’t grow and pests can’t infiltrate. Crawl encapsulation is often confused with vapor barriers. A vapor barrier is designed to address the same moisture problems as encapsulation, however, it does not create a sealed space. A vapor barrier is only installed across the crawl space floor and stops at the walls.

Alabama Foundation Repairs & Home Improvement is a leader in the field of crawl space repair and encapsulation. Our professionals can transform almost any problem crawl space into one that’s safe and functional for your home and family.

Crawl Space Encapsulation Benefits

The benefits to crawl space encapsulation in Alabama are two-fold. On one hand, crawl space encapsulation helps safeguard your home’s structural integrity. If moisture can’t work its way up through the ground and into the support beams, concrete, and wood of the home, then the foundation won’t settle or shift (and you won’t need to pay for foundation repair).

Crawl space encapsulation can also improve the quality of air in your home and the energy efficiency of your appliances. Less moisture means mold can’t grow in air ducts or invade the inner-workings of your cooling/heating system if it’s located in the crawl space, too.

In the end, the benefits of crawl space encapsulation all tie back to avoiding moisture problems in the first place.

What to Expect During a Crawl Space Encapsulation

At Alabama Foundation Repairs, we’re more than a crawl space company in the Heart of Dixie. We’re foundation experts. That means we’ll never inspect your crawl space and then seal it up if there are underlying foundation problems that need to be addressed before the encapsulation. Other crawl space companies may not have the training to offer you the same level of expertise.

While your crawl space encapsulation process will be customized to match your foundation, budget, and schedule, you can generally expect it to go something along these lines:

1. Consultation

Every project begins with a proper inspection and consultation with the homeowner. We’ll examine your crawl space and foundation from the inside and outside of the home. If the space can’t be encapsulated as is due to bulk water problems, extreme mold growth, or a pest infestation, we’ll let you know and work with you to solve the problem. Sealing up an existing issue is never a good idea. It might be out of sight, but it will definitely worsen and resurface if left unaddressed!

2. Installation & Sealing

After any underlying issues are addressed, it’s time to seal the crawl space! A special, very thick plastic is methodically installed on the walls and floor of the space. Any nooks, crannies, or openings are sealed.

3. Treat the Air

Once the crawl space is sealed off from outside elements, the air must be treated. You can either route a small amount of conditioned air from the heating/cooling system into the crawlspace, exhaust a small amount of air from the crawl space to the outside, or install a standalone dehumidifier. We recommend installing a dehumidifier that can automatically kick on when humidity levels rise too high.

Call for a Crawl Space Consultation in Alabama

Crawl space encapsulation remains one of the best ways to safeguard your home’s foundation and improve your home’s interior air quality. Call or email today to see if your crawl space needs to be encapsulated and how much it would cost to encapsulate your crawl space. Our waterproofing solutions are designed for the needs of Alabama homeowners.

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