Typically, most people dislike the rain for a variety of reasons – cancellation of outdoor events, having to be stuck indoors when you would much rather be outdoors enjoying the fresh air and sunshine, and simply just the thought of getting wet and dealing with an undesirable ‘bad hair day.’ But not many people know, that there is yet another reason to not be particularly fond of heavy rain – the mere fact that it can actually cause serious foundation damage to your home. Although a little bit of rain does not pose a threat of foundation damage, homes that have insufficient drainage are certainly susceptible to serious foundation problems and damage from the heavy rains.

Heavy rain can be the culprit in many cases to foundation damage, including minor foundation damage in the form of a small crack that can easily be caused by excessive rain. Small cracks are surely minor damage because they are not significant to your home’s structure. However, some minor cracks can serve as an indication that you have a foundation problem because they indicate that whenever there is the presence of heavy rains pressure is being exerted on the foundation which ultimately results in damage over time. Further, these cracks can also lead to water leaks in the home since groundwater can easily find its way into a home by multiple means, and that definitely includes minor cracks in the foundation.

In addition to these minor problems, there are some major problems homeowners need worry about with regard to foundation damage. One of the most serious problems that can and does often occur is when your foundation goes through a severe sinking or settling as a result of heavy rains. When this happens, you are apt to notice multiple problems throughout your home. When heavy rains occur the soil around your foundation and under your foundation begins to swell. When dry weather follows a heavy rain this very same soil shrinks thereby leaving a chasm that your home’s foundation sinks into.

Signs you can look for that indicate your home’s foundation has suffered a severe settling or sinkage include cracks in or around your windows and doors, cracks in your concrete floors or drywalls, a leaning chimney, windows and doors that keep on jamming and sticking, cracks in the bricks of your stair steps and, of course, major cracks or heaves in your foundation.

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