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Alabama Sump Pump Installation

You might have water in your crawl space or basement right now… and not even know it. Thousands of Alabama homeowners do. Over time, moisture under a house can damage the foundation, attract pests, and promote mold growth. None of these outcomes are good for a home’s value or the health of the homeowner. So, what can you do? Depending on the situation, a sump pump might be part of the solution for drying out your crawl space or basement—and keeping it that way.

What Is a Sump Pump?

A sump pump has one job: pump water out of the crawl space or basement and away from the home.

A sump pump is installed under the floor of the basement or crawl space to remove groundwater before it has a chance to flood your home or cause damage. Water enters through a drainage system in the perimeter of the basement or crawl space walls and collects in a sump basin. When the water reaches a certain level in the basin, the pump turns on. From the basin, the sump pump sends water away from the house to somewhere it is no longer problematic, like a dry well or storm drain.

Do I Need a Sump Pump in Alabama?

Crawl space and basement dampness is common. According to the American Society of Home Inspectors, more than 60% of homeowners in America have some type of moisture in their crawl space or basement. You might need to have a sump pump installed under your Alabama home if you can relate to any of the following:

  • Your basement or crawl space has flooded in the past.
  • Your crawl space has puddles of water after it rains.
  • There is mold and mildew growing under your home.
  • You live in a low-lying area where the soil holds water.
  • Your area experiences significant snow or rainfall.
  • You store important, maybe expensive, items in your finished basement.
  • Your current sump pump is more than 6 years old. (Sump pumps typically last up to ten years.)

Call Alabama Foundation Repairs if even one of the above statements rings true for you. We’ll evaluate your current situation and recommend the best basement waterproofing or crawl space solution for your needs and budget.

Types of Sump Pumps

There are two types of sump pumps: pedestal and submersible.

  • A pedestal sump pump has a motor that’s installed above the pump. The overall system is more visible but also simpler to service. A pedestal sump pump is the most economical solution for under-home moisture, however, it generally doesn’t last as long as a submersible sump pump.
  • A submersible sump pump has a motor that’s mounted inside the pump and completely sealed. This option is the more visually attractive and less exposed, though harder to service. It can also be more expensive than a pedestal sump pump.

Sump Pump Failure

Already have a sump pump installed? Great! Let’s keep it working its best. When your sump pump fails to work properly, a variety of water problems can occur.

It might be time to repair or replace your sump pump if:

  • You hear rattling, grinding, or any other excessive noise coming from the sump pump motor.
  • The pump vibrates excessively when it’s running.
  • The pump never sounds like it turns off, or on the flip side, it’s never used.
  • The pump cycles on and off, even in heavy rain.
  • The pump appears rusted.
  • The whole system has been subject to frequent power outages.

Repairing or replacing a sump pump is much cheaper than paying to restore a water damaged basement, crawl space, or foundation. Schedule an annual inspection of your sump pump with Alabama Foundations to ensure it is performing at peak levels and will not fail.

Sump Pump Installation in Alabama

Call Alabama Foundation Repairs at 800-443-6172 for a free sump pump consultation. Our technicians will examine your crawl space or basement, test moisture levels, check for water damage, and propose the best solution for your home and budget. Get in touch today!

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