We have the solution to your leaking basement!

If you’ve noticed water leaking into your basement, water standing on the floor, or a powdery substance on the walls or floors of your basement, we have a fix for you. A leaking basement is a disturbing part of owning a home with a basement. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be a burden or stress factor for you any more. With Alabama Foundation Repairs and Home Improvements, we have solutions to solve your leaking basement issues once and for all! Basement waterproofing services from our trusted professionals will be the ultimate solution to end this nightmare.

If you have a leaking basement, then you know the stressful feeling that comes with the sound of thunder or the weather man’s predictions for heavy rains. As a homeowner, naturally you want to protect your home, its foundation, and the complete structure of your home. After all, it is likely the biggest investment you have made. Although a leaking basement may not be the end all be all of your home’s structure, it’s certainly a start to a problem that only snowballs year after year, storm after storm. As the water begins to breakdown the material that supports the lower walls of your home, other structural issues can and will occur over time. If you’ve noticed a leak in your basement then you’re on track to prevention. If you see standing water or constantly hear that sump pump cycling on and off, your time is certainly here and you can change that before it creates problems in other parts of your home.

Should you wait until later, as many people do, you’ll have larger issues such as foundation sinkage and shifting, caving walls, bowing windows, cracked ceilings, doors that won’t close and floors that aren’t level. All of these problems begin somewhere. On homes with basements, a leak is a sure sign of what’s to come.

The professional team here at Alabama Foundation Repairs and Home Improvements sees these types of issues come to fruition on a daily basis. We assess wet basements, structural issues, and shifting foundations as experts on the subject. Not only are we able to inspect and assess the issue, but we also formulate the solutions and perform the repairs that are needed. No matter the size of the issue, a leaking basement, even a drip, is a task that we’re committed to helping you address. If you’ve caught a small issue now and you act on it, you’ll be saving possibly thousands of dollars making repairs down the road.

The Repair Process

alabama foundation repairs home improvementA leaking basement is repaired through many different processes, all depending on the cause of the leak and the severity. Obviously, we want to prevent any leaks in your basement. Leaking basements create unbecoming atmospheres in your home. Mold, rot, pest infestation, musty smells, and other unseemly problems come along with a damp basement. Using interior and exterior water mitigation systems are one solution that works very well for redirecting water away from the structure.

Other solutions that may be required include interior or exterior encapsulation or moisture barrier. Depending on the severity of your problem, a custom plan will be set forth by our team giving you all the options, costs, and timeline for the project. Investing in a solution now not only saves you worry and stress, but also adds value to your home. No buyer is interested in a home that has a leaking basement.

Create More Usable Space in Your Home

Make your basement a space that you and your family can enjoy. Bonus rooms, offices, man caves, and other entertainment spaces are often a great option for all that extra room. Once your basement has been fixed, finishing it off as a livable space is something we can also help you with. Our home improvements team can consult with you if that’s a project that you’d be interested in once we’ve addressed your leaking basement.

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