The extreme fluctuating hot and cold temperatures here in Alabama can lead to a wide range of foundation problems for your home. Bessemer, Birmingham and other residents of surrounding cities should give focus to examining their homes’ foundations for any signs of failure or disruption and reach out to the professional foundation repair experts here at Foundation Home Repairs & Improvement as soon as issues are identified.

Causes of Various Foundation Problems

The fluctuating weather, temperatures and soil conditions can wreak havoc on your home’s foundation.  There are a variety of common foundation problems that can occur, some of which we have discussed below.

Hydrostatic Pressure – When the soil and ground that surrounds your home absorbs a great deal of water and rain, hydrostatic pressure within the soil will easily increase.  This type of pressure on and against your home’s foundation will typically cause the foundation of your home to either shift or even crack over time.

Heaving/Settling – In cold weather months, the up and down variations of the cold temperatures can cause the soil under your residence to consistently expand and then contract.  These fluctuating cold temperatures and the ongoing expansion and contraction can cause your foundation to heave, crack and settle.

Soil Erosion – Excessive rain creates an abundant amount of water in the ground and around your foundation that can ultimately lead to erosion.  This erosion washes away the sand and soil under your home and can lead to the creation of voids or spaces.  Your home and foundation can, over time, settle into these various spaces or voids creating serious foundation problems, that if left unattended will be costly to repair down the road. 

A Poor Drainage System – If your home’s drainage system is not working properly, water can begin to pool around your home’s foundation and eventually seep into your concrete walls and floors.  When this happens the concrete is weakened and your foundation becomes susceptible to the formation of cracks.

Types of Foundation Problems

The type of foundation problems that can occur over time include, but are not limited to, sinking, shifting, settling, and eventually cracking.  Each of the foundation issues should be identified and effectively resolved as soon as possible so as to eliminate the possibility of structural damage to your home.  Bowing walls, pest infestation, leaning foundation walls and water issues are all examples of the structural problems you may face if you do not address problems with your foundation right away.  The longer you delay in repairing the identified problems, the more advanced they become and the greater the cost to repair them.

Indicators of Foundation Failure

alabama foundation repairs home improvementThere are several common signs you can be on the lookout for that indicate that foundation failure is present.  The most common indicators include floor cracks, uneven or sloped floors, wall and/or ceiling cracks, bowed or leaning walls, windows and/or doors that stick or are difficult to open and close, and even a leaning chimney.

If you are a Bessemer home owner who has noticed any of the indicators or signs we have discussed above, then surely you have come to the right place.  The highly skilled and trained technicians and foundation specialists here at Foundation Repairs & Home Improvement are just the team for you.  We take tremendous pride in our superior foundation repair services and in providing all our valued clients with top of the line, affordable solutions to all their foundation problems.

Take time out today to contact our staff and schedule your free consultation.  We look forward to our every opportunity to serve you and to providing you with effective and efficient solutions to all your home foundation problems .Don’t delay.  Contact our specialists today!

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