It is important to keep the basement in your home dry and safe, whether it is in your beautifully finished rec room or simply just a storage space for all that extra clutter and stuff.  A wet basement as we all know can wreak a whole lot of problems, from a minor accumulation of water that has caused your indoor carpet to get wet to something as major as structural damage to support beams.  For these reasons and many more the team here at Foundation Repairs & Home Improvement want to emphasize the importance of a dry basement.  

If your basement suffers from flooding there are a number of ways to remedy this common problem.  You can invest in a sump pump, a specialized drainage system or even contract to have structural repairs performed on your foundation.  Each of these effective solutions can keep water from making its way into your basement and can certainly provide you with a dry basement.

Basements that have a constant musty, damp smell and are extremely humid in the hot summer months, can be harmful to your home and family and require efficient resolutions as well.   Nearly half of the air you breathe on the interior of your home has at one point or another had a presence in your basement.  If your basement is damp and musty it can easily contaminate the air throughout your entire home, breeding mold spores and causing health issues for your family members.

alabama foundation repairs home improvementThere are a number of effective solutions for these problems as well.  One of the most efficient solutions to this problem is investing in a basement dehumidifier that can remove the excess moisture found within the air in your basement.  Excess moisture breeds mildew and mold spores so you want to take whatever steps are necessary to alleviate the mold infestation.  Many dehumidifiers on the market today are also energy efficient and will contribute to the energy savings in your home as well.  However, you want to be sure that you do not overuse your dehumidifier since doing so will only increase your utility bills and minimize your energy efficiency.

A second alternative to your moist basement problems is investing in an air exchanger.  An air exchanger creates a continuous flow of air in your basement (can also be used in a crawlspace) so as to remove the moisture located in the specific area.  It will also minimize and even remove various odors, indoor pollutants and gases, and mold spores and replace the moist air with warm, dry air it takes from the upper levels of your home.

Whatever the issues with your basement may be, and more times than not most homeowners experience flooding or excessive moisture in their basements, the team here at Foundation Repairs & Home Improvement are on hand to take care of your every need.  Mold spores and mildew can be extremely harmful to your family and can cause a great many allergies.  When you reach out to our professionals you can be sure we will inspect your basement, identify the problems and their sources, and provide you with the appropriate course of action and effective solutions for your home and family.

We take tremendous pride in our top of the line products and services and are committed to working within your individual budgets and timelines when performing necessary services in your basement and home.  All of our technicians are licensed and certified to perform all types of basement, crawl space and foundation work and are on hand to answer all your questions and address any concerns you may have.

If you have a moist or wet basement and are in need of premier foundation or basement services, then we are the team for you.  For all your dry basement needs look to the professionals here at Foundation Repairs & Home Improvement.  You’ll be more than glad you did!

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